How to Get Domain and Hosting

How to Buy Domain Name and Hosting

How to Get Domain and Hosting

I know many of you are looking forward to buying a domain and hosting for the first time. I have written this simple step by step guide on buying a domain name and hosting to help you go about it confidently and accurately.

Choosing a Domain Name

A domain name is nothing but your website’s address that visitors could enter on their browsers’ address to get to your website. However, when you choose your domain name, you must ensure that it reflects what your website is about.

For finding the perfect domain name, you may use certain free tools such as BustAName, LeanDomainSearch, NameStation, or Namemesh.

Checking the Available Payment Methods

Another important factor to consider while choosing a domain name and hosting is checking if the provider has your preferred payment methods.

Even though most domain names and hosting providers offer PayPal and credit card options for sure, some have even more options than these, which could be from debit cards to payment wallets.

How to Buy Domain Name and Hosting from ChemiCloud

Now that you know how to find a domain name, it’s time that I show you in reality how you can buy a domain and host. I will illustrate the whole thing by buying a domain and hosting from ChemiCloud.

ChemiCloud started in 2016 and has soon turned out to be a pretty reliable company. I found the service to be pretty fast, stable, and secure.

What’s most commendable about ChemiCloud is that it offers a Free domain forever with all its plans alongside providing 45 days money-back guarantee. In comparison, most of the other companies offer only 30 days money-back guarantee.

As far as the ChemiCloud Shared hosting plans go, you have three plans to choose from. Here are the plans:

  • Web Hosting Starter: 1 website, 15GB SSD Disk Space, $3.95 per month
  • Web Hosting Pro: Unlimited websites, 25GB SSD Disk Space, $6.95 per month
  • Web Hosting Turbo: Unlimited websites, 35GB SSD Disk Space, $10.95 per month

You can select any of the three plans depending on your purpose. However, most people prefer choosing the Web Hosting Pro plan since it supports unlimited websites, unlike the Web Hosting Starter plan.

After you decide on which plan to choose, you could click on the ORDER NOW button, and this will provide you with the option to specify your primary domain. You could register a new domain or add an existing domain.

After you register a new domain, you could click on Continue. This takes you to the Configure page, wherein you can select your desired billing cycle and server.

After that, you can click on Continue, and that takes you to the page wherein you can decide for yourself if you need to purchase the WHOIS Privacy add-on, which is a much-recommended add-on if you don’t want your privacy to be breached ever.

Next, you must click on Continue, and this should take you to the checkout page. On this page, you actually have to fill in some essential details.

Further, you could set your account password and choose your payment method between a credit card and PayPal. Once you are ready, you could click on Checkout, and that’s pretty much it.

This is how simple buying domain name and hosting is.

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